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artificial intelligence

The main goals of AI include deduction and reasoning, planning, learning, and the ability to manipulate and move objects. Long-term goals of AI include achieving creativity, Social intelligence, and Human Level Intelligence.

There are different solutions where AI can be applicated and IOX can help you

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Face recognition

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Emotion recognition

Video face & emotion recognition

Whether you wish to recognize, identify emotions or confirm a person, a camera with facial recognition software is an effective solution. It can help you improve customer service, identify important clients...


Facial recognition is a perfect complement for improving security and/or customer experience in real time. Facial and emotion recognition have an extensive range of applications
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Identification of emotions and feelings when an advertisement is showed

Integration with access control systems in corporate and commercial buildings

Detection of wanted persons at airports


A computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods


A chatbot is intelligent when it becomes aware of user needs. As brands focus on promoting personalized experiences, more and more chatbots are being built to engage users and improve brand image.