C Ring

Make cities smarter

The C RING is a fully modular platform of boundless possibilities that can be installed on every existing streetlight. It is able to collect relevant data in real-time.

The C RING uses an eco-friendly long-life photovoltaic battery and mobile red-light speed cameras. With the collected data it is possible for city administrations, for example, to control the traffic to make people’s life safer and more comfortable.

The possibility to exchange modules makes the C RING so unique. Communes are able to use and assemble the platform for several needs. The C RING offers individual solutions and services for a modern and learning city.


Use Cases & Modules:
+ Smart Traffic Control
+ Air Quality Tracking
+ Environmental and Weather Data Collection
+ Security on public and private premises
+ Wifi / Tourist Information
+ Individual Modules

c-ring traffic control demo

Get more information here: C RING

Photos: IOX LAB & Jakob Wagner