Individual DNA for every product

The IOX RFID solution helps to uniquely identify and track objects from distance - without any physical contact or line of sight.


A basic radio frequency identification (RFID) system consists of a reader and a transponder, the RFID-tag. The reader uses radio frequency waves to transmit signals to activate the tag. The RFID tag has a microchip that serves as database. It receives the energy via an attached antenna and transfers information back to the reader.


IOX RFID Features:
+ Long range: UHF tags can identify objects up to 10 meters of read range
+ Real-time data: Get the status of individual items directly on your device
+ On-metal tags: Specific tags that work around metal surfaces
+ Individual solutions: We find the perfect modules to collect further data


Use cases:
+ Supply Chain Management
+ Inventory Management
+ Asset and Personnel Tracking
+ Controlling Access
+ ID Badging