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Get your Prototype done within 3 weeks. Make things, not slides

Smart products will not only add value to customers and make our lives easier. They also present a huge growth market for businesses. According to the OECD, By 2022, the average household  will own roughly 50 Internet-connected devices, up from approximately 10 today. With our expertise in IOT technologies and rapid prototyping we help companies reduce the time to market and development costs.

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We are Prototyping Experts

We believe in lean startup methods. Our objective is to build multiple iterations of prototypes as fast as possible. After each iteration the product can be tested and improved quickly. This helps you build better products and save costs. Fail fast, learn fast.

  • Explain your product to investors or management. Show them that it is possible to enter IOT markets fast.
  • Explore how customers would use your products. Can you improve the product? Would customers pay money for it?
  • Test different technical solutions and pimp your knowledge for discussion with suppliers down the value chain.

IOT Architecture

Design of architecture including physical device, connectivity, storage, application


CAD design

Design of physical objects in CAD


Additive Manufacturing

Quickly create a body for your product to host your electronics


PCB Design and Production

Design of custom PCBs and MCUs to match product requirements


Application design

Development of basic apps to control your device and analyse data

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Rapid Design

We ideate new connected products, services, and consumer experiences to create new value propositions for customer and help companies differentiate themselves from their competition.

We believe that the Internet of Things can solve problems. And that is where we start of. We take a look at the customer journey and think about how IOT technology can make this journey easier. What are possible use cases that need to be solved by a product or service?  According to the principles of lean startup and agile development, our objective is to decompose big problems to make them easier to solve.

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First Step . . . get your impulse to growth

We  take a look at some innovative smart products and services to see how they disrupting specific industries. Visit our Lab and take a look at some prototypes and the technology behind IOT. Use little bits to build our own IOT device. Start making things, not slides.

Where do you want to start today?

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