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Learn how IoT will drive the Change

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Start IoT - the practical workshop

The Internet of Things (IoT) stands for disruptive business-processes via innovative technologies. These IoT-technologies are going to be the manner how we create, design, produce products and services, but also how we change the principle of consuming. All sector are affected by the structural changes.

But how are you going to handle with these challenges and IoT chances? What means IoT for you as an company? Let's end this buzzword-jungle! Go and an inform yourself about IoT and get the chance to bring structure into this topic.

Arduino Basic Training

Here you'll find a fast and simple entry into the world of physical computing. The Arduino basic training is a one-day introduction into the sensor-based programming of Arduino micro controllers.


The course is running by IOX Maker Community

Note: Unfortunately, the course is just provided in german.