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The right connectivity is the basis of every IoT solution. We help you choose and implement it.

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The right connectivity for your IoT project

In our increasingly networked world, connectivity plays a fundamental role.
It is the basis for the Internet of Things - at home and in industries.

At the connectivity level, it ensures communication between the device, other applications and the cloud.

Two things in particular are important here: the reliability of data transmission and the protection of data.

We offer you the corresponding know-how of the different IoT wireless technologies and advise you on the optimal choice.

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Jonathan Rola

Head of Sales IoT

In his role as the contact person at IOX, Jonathan Rola identifies our customers' problems and requirements and links them with specific IoT solutions. As the link between the customer and the team of experts, he aligns the process of IoT projects to ensure successful realization.

Jonathan Rola

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IoT wireless technologies at a glance

The various IoT wireless technologies differ in the following characteristics:


Power consumption

Network coverage


Which technology is the right choice for your IoT solution depends accordingly,

  • which and how fast data should be read out
  • in which spatial conditions the device is located.



Mobile technologies are relevant to many IoT solutions, especially those that require high bandwidth. Fast and well suited for mobile devices.

Low-Power-Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies are used specifically for the requirements of IoT solutions. These include Narrowband IoT and LoRaWAN.

Wireless building networks such as WiFi or Bluetooth are particularly suitable for smart home applications or some industrial solutions.

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NB-IoT as special technology for IoT solutions



So if you only want to read out sensors from time to time, for example, Narrowband-IoT is a good choice (latency of 1-10 sec).


  • High range
  • Deep penetration (communication through concrete walls, e.g. in cellars and warehouses, possible)
  • Extremely affordable compared to 3G or LTE
  • Well supported in Germany
Whitepaper Narrowband IoT

Free Narrowband IoT Whitepaper

Learn more about the radio technology Narrowband IoT and what advantages it offers for your IoT project - with tips for implementation (in German).

Our end-to-end service

We deliver the complete development of your IoT solution from one source. 

Our team of experts consists of designers, hardware, software, IoT and app developers, electrical engineers and product owners, who all work hand in hand. This enables us to develop your complete solution in-house.

We accompany you throughout the entire development process: from the brainstorming and design process, through the hardware and software development of the frontend and backend, to the ongoing operation.

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