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Daimler is a global automotive company with sales of €167.4 million in 2018. Smart is a Daimler automotive brand.



For the 20th anniversary of smart IOX has developed a car of the future as a car for children for the campaign "Big ideas start out small. smart fortomorrow". The design and simplicity of this car is reminiscent of a Bobbycar - but the EQ fortwo from smart is equipped with the latest technology.



For the implementation of the concept "Big ideas start out small. smart fortomorrow" IOX is commissioned by the Daimler AG car brand smart in cooperation with the advertising agency BBDO with the production of a children's car, which represents the vision of a fully electric vehicle of the future. The requirements for the development of the vehicle were very diverse and roughly correspond to the tasks that the cars of the future are to fulfil in Germany and worldwide. For example, IOX implemented the necessary face recognition and voice control components during the realization of the vehicle. Electronic drive and autonomous driving were also made possible. Other safety functions such as the prevention of rear-end collisions have also been integrated into the car of the future.

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Smart Bilder

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First, the design for the "Future Car for Future Driver" was created, which is based on the smart EQ fortwo. In close contact with the customer, the first drafts of the car were coordinated. Body and chassis, headlights and wheels. In a further step, the necessary hardware components, such as an entertainment board, engine control as well as battery and charging electronics were developed. The car was painted. The implementation of the use cases is made possible by an integrated smart board computer. The Smart Car was tested by kindergarten children. The result is a video which can be seen on YouTube: "Big ideas start out small. smart fortomorrow".

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