IOX Button - Digital at the touch of a button

The IOX Button controls devices, apps & services with just one click.

Digitise and optimise processes quickly.

Powered by NB IoT. No WiFi, no Bluetooth.

Immediately ready for use.

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Trigger processes at the touch of a button

Large e-paper display

Perfect customisation of info thanks to large e-paper display.

Usable everywhere

Independent of power & data networks thanks to NB-IoT & batteries.

Immediately ready for use

Easy installation. Can be used as retrofit and mobile solution.

Bidirectional communication

Link to machines and feedback on the e-paper display.

Unlimited possibilities for all industries

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The IOX Button is an intelligent solution for retrofitting. With this solution for companies in all industries, processes can be shortened and optimised within a very short time - and in the simplest way possible.

Individual functions can be realised via the IOX device: The button orders spare parts at the touch of a button, has full containers collected or reports technical faults. The display gives direct feedback on successful orders or the delivery date.

The IOX Button is plug-and-play compatible and works independently of power and company networks. The device is powered by energy-saving commercial batteries and sends its messages via the mobile network and the new machine network based on narrowband IoT - and thus from basements and underground production sites.

Possible uses of your click experience


Fast replenishment at the touch of a button Case Study

With the help of digital technologies, material is to be replenished in time, thus avoiding delays in processes.

To simplify the reordering of material, the IOX Button was used as a retrofit solution. As soon as material runs low, the user can trigger a new order by pressing the button.

Efficient digitalisation of the replenishment process

Acceleration of the ordering process

Avoidance of delays

Increasing operational excellence

Janina Schwedt, CDO Faster Solutions GmbH

"The IOX Button was the perfect solution to digitise my business. It is targeted, ready to use, elegant and simple. If you're looking for a great solution, look no further because the IOX Button has it all."

Automation with a single click