RFID Tracking System

RFID for efficient inventory & tracking of engine components


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RFID Tracking System



Our customer is a leading global manufacturer of engines.



IOX has implemented a solution for tracking and inventory of engine components using RFID tags for a leading global manufacturer of engines.

Through our solution, the customer is able to actively control and predict maintenance processes. This makes it possible to predict failure probabilities and ensure that machines run reliably.

In addition, unnecessary costs due to production downtimes and equipment standstills are prevented. The topic of predictive maintenance will continue to gain importance in the future.



As part of digitization, business processes are to be accelerated and made more transparent through automation.

Main objectives:

  • Efficiently inventory and track engine components.
  • Readout of information on installed components.
  • After Sales Service: Optimized service times thanks to transparent spare parts management.



RFID was selected as the technology for the track & trace solution. In a first step, the technical specifications of the hardware architecture were defined.

RFID tags were selected and implemented with individual serial numbers on individual components. Gateways that ensure automatic recognition were also rolled out.

Training was provided for the customer's employees to ensure independent inventory and application of the solution by the customer.




IOX successfully conducted several tests and also developed a web front-end with database to evaluate, use and manage the collected data.

The solution implemented ensured a 100% collection rate. The maintenance processes were significantly accelerated and made more transparent.

After the successful MVP phase, further long-term tests, system improvements and the initial rollout were carried out.


Advantages of the solution:

  • Secured capture: Our solution can capture over 900 parts per measurement, replacing manual processes.
  • Reliable: The tracking system has a guaranteed runtime of 3 years with daily measurement.
  • Failure forecasts: The solution can be used to record how often a part can still be used until the next maintenance. This makes downtimes predictable.

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