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BBDO Düsseldorf is a communication agency for the design of creative customer experiences. The BBDO agency Proximity specialises in data-driven creativity and Craftwork is BBDO's production unit.



For a BBDO industry event on the subject of "Advertising & Sound", IOX designed the showcase for a novel, interactive advertising poster and realized it as a fully functional prototype. The prototype, which has received much attention throughout the industry, combines print and digital technology in a new way and has laid the foundation for innovative further developments of this traditional advertising format.



For the music event "Soundlounge", which took place for the first time on 25 August 2016 and most recently on 29 August 2019 in Düsseldorf, BBDO created a new advertising medium as a showcase: the Soundlounge poster. An interactive poster was to be developed in both years. A partner was sought for the prototype development of the new advertising medium, which demonstrates the combination of the physical and digital worlds combined with interactive elements.

Solution statement


In close cooperation between the BBDO team (Proximity and Craftwork) and the hardware & software experts from IOX in Düsseldorf, an innovation and development partner in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M), the BBDO agency succeeded in developing an advertising poster that appeals to the senses in an interactive way.

In 2016 we developed a poster that makes volume visible. The technical basis is a microscopic rear projection process that converts sounds into graphic implouses via a special microphone. Depending on the intensity of the sound signal, different representations are played on the advertising poster. The effect: When passers-by walk past the poster, the colourful advertising message gradually appears on the initially white advertising surface, in this case the announcement for the Soundlounge event on 25 August in Düsseldorf.

In 2019, the focus was on the generation of sounds and noises when touched: the poster has various coloured areas that also differ in texture and give impulses to a microchip when stroked over. This ensures that individual music is heard. The corresponding loudspeakers are hidden in the poster.

Soundlounge Poster 2019

Soundlounge Poster 2016




The interactive advertising poster impressively demonstrated the potential of this new advertising medium in the print sector. In the future, it will also be possible to evaluate the environmental information of an advertising poster, combine several advertising posters in a city and play complementary advertising messages on them, and even identify and accompany an individual advertising customer through the city. The use of IoT technology for advertising posters opens up completely new possibilities for the advertising industry.

Features & Use Cases



+ Innovative technology: Transformation of a traditional print medium into an innovative digital poster.

+ Rear microcontrollers that project the sensory stimuli.


Use Cases:

+ Advertising

+ Events

What our customer says?


"Thanks to the IOX Lab with Robert Jänisch & Team we were able to merge paper and high-tech in an innovative way. In a fast and pragmatic way we realized and tested several prototypes with the IOX Lab and optimized them for the first showcases. This is the basis for exciting further developments."

— Steffen Gentis about Soundlounge Poster 2016

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