How Chatbots Boost Your Business

Chatbots are a hot topic. You see the virtual help agents on websites or the Facebook Messenger. More and more businesses play on the innovative technical capabilities that lead to the development of automated communication. Why are chatbots so popular?


Chatbot? Never Heard of That....

In short, chatbots are services that are programmed for human-like conversations with users. Customers can interact with a chatbot via a chat interface and can receive and send messages.


How do chatbots know what they should answer? Well, there are different ways chatbots work. Some of them are based on a set of rules and can only respond when using specific commands. Sometimes chatbots work even easier through pre-built answers so that the customer just needs to click through the process. And then there are chatbots working with artificial intelligence. They learn while communicating (machine learning) and get smarter every time. It is all a matter of programming.


Benefits of Using Chatbots for Business

There are different reasons why more and more companies start to use chatbots. One of them is that chatbots can help to manage B2C communication tasks. Especially when there is a set of typical questions that come along all the time, it is worth establishing a chatbot. That does not only ease the staff’s workload but also reduce costs. And a chatbot does not go to sleep so he will work round the clock.


As a powerful tool, chatbots make communication on websites more interactive - instead of just using a FAQ site, you invite them to have a conversation. This is exactly what people wants. Recent studies found that messaging app use is on the rise. The BI Intelligence study identified that the user base of the top four messaging apps is larger than the user base of the top four social networks. Chat apps are not simple services for the exchange with friends any more. They are increasingly used to connect with brands.


People want to chat and with the use of a chatbot, businesses cater to their needs: Customers get information fast and dependably. Sometimes customers do not even have to leave their favorite messaging app. To integrate chatbots into a business is a huge opportunity - not only to improve the customer relations but also to increase the touch-points and the sales revenue.


Chatbots for all Types of Businesses

As we have seen, chatbots are most often used as customer service. They are often implemented on websites, for example in online shops. There they often work as an automated chat service where customers can get an advisory experience they would get in a store elsewise. But this service could be anything. There are news chatbots we can ask for any news. There are chatbots that remind users to take their medication. There are chatbots used by restaurants or deliveries to take orders in few easy steps. In health care it is possible to use chatbots to book appointments or to talk to doctors.


We can soon communicate with all sorts of Internet services. And for all cases we expect to be able to talk to chatbots the same way we do with a customer consultant or a shop assistant. That is probably the reason why a lot of companies have not started to implement chatbots as a channel of communication yet. They fear the limits of chatbots to be able to act as humans.


User Experience is the Most Important Thing

That is why the IOX LAB does not just build chatbots. We see the interaction with a chatbot as an experience and that is the most important thing: To build a chatbot that is specific to the customers and their user experience. Do they prefer to text, to send audio messages or to simply click through a list of questions? It is possible to implement a chatbot either on your website or any other chat client as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat. The IOX LAB hosts and provides all chatbots in Germany and obey security guidelines. Our UI designers help to adapt the chatbot to your corporate design. And as it is also possible to implement analytics, you can easily find out what benefit leads to an acquisition for example.


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