Our lab is a place to be creative and make things. It is where we build IOT solutions for customers, or for ourselves. It provides shelter to the restless ones who have an idea that will change the world, or just make someone happy - but don't have the tools to make it reality. For non-commercial purposes you can visit our lab during one of our meet-ups. If you have a commercial project, contact us to rent our equipment.

3d drucker in iox lab


3d Printers can be used to make your ideas physical reality, without having to use expensive tooling and moulding techniques. Sites like let you download pretty much every physical object your can think of including spare parts for your mercedes or a guidance controller for the appollo misison.

This technology is als disrupting the manufacturing industry. Already today many companies are using additive manufacturing to develop products like GE (jet engines, medical devices and appliance parts) or Google (consumer electronics).

The application of this technology is moving well beyond prototyping and rapid tooling but moreover it is being used to manufacture products for sale to retail customers.



With the emerge of cheap single board mini computers like the Arduino or Rasberry PI as well as cheap chips with integrated wifi and bluetooth like the ESP 32, it has never been easier to program or design hardware for electronic devices leading to a democratization of this technology.

Our electric lab has pretty much everything you need to integrate electronics into a physical objects and provides the basis for any IOT prototyping ventures. We use it mostly to build or customize Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and test micro-controllers. It includes soldering equipment, heat guns, oscilloscopes, digital power supplies...

Rayjet edited


Our Laser cutter can cut or engrave wood, metals, and plastics and pretty much everything else (bananas work).  These can later be assembled to build 3d forms. We use a Rajet von Trotec Laser.